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Small kitchen: how to arrange it well?


Small kitchen: how to arrange it well?

 In a small kitchen, you have to know how to take advantage of the smallest available space to equip it as well as possible. Our tips and tricks for optimising space and fitting out a kitchen that is as functional as possible.

Fitting out a small kitchen involves making choices, but above all, it means being clever about the layout of the room. Whether your small kitchen is 2 m2 or 6 m2, whether it is U-shaped, L-shaped or long, the ideal is to have a length of at least 180 cm to be able to install 3 modules: a sink, a refrigerator and a hob, three elements that you can’t do without. You will then choose a model that is as compact as possible and you can also open it onto the living room to gain a little volume. When the kitchen is open to the living room, you also have to pay attention to aesthetics. To give it style, you can opt for a nice stone or granite worktop for example, customised furniture or furniture with new knobs, and provide a nice dustbin if you can’t hide it.

Small kitchen: the essential equipment

    The worktop. Even in a small kitchen, the ideal is to keep a piece of the worktop, which you should be careful not to clutter up too much if you want to be able to use it. It is best to install it between the sink and the hobs to keep a circulation area and to be able to work easily. The refrigerator, which should be equipped with a real freezer compartment, can then be integrated underneath.

    The sink. There are small sinks with a width of 40 or 50 cm. Some even have a draining board that avoids having to put a cloth, quickly soaked, on the worktop when doing the dishes, or to install a hanging drainer that will put water everywhere. 

    Cooktops. If you are a cordon bleu and want to be able to cook every day, it is better to install a four-burner hob. If you don’t cook much or are a fan of reheating dishes, two fires will suffice, which will save a few extra centimetres on the worktop. The credenza is also important to prevent splashes. Here you can choose a nice earthenware (provide a 60 cm strip of tile) or strips to be glued.

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Clever appliances, suitable for a mini kitchen

To equip your small kitchen in an ingenious way and without taking up too much space, some household appliances will have to be chosen with care:

    A combination oven. In order not to multiply the appliances, you can install a combined oven (oven + microwave) under the cooking plates for example. Also think about choosing built-in appliances rather than built-in appliances. They will be more discreet.

    A mini dishwasher. If you have a little more space, you can place a small oven on a shelf or in a high cabinet, and install a mini dishwasher at the bottom.

    An extractor hood. The ideal, especially with an open kitchen, is to be able to install an extractor hood (connected is even better) to limit odours. However, be careful with the power/decibel ratio: to avoid the impression that a plane takes off in your kitchen, it is better not to exceed 60 decibels. The visor hood or cap hood is generally the model that will take up the least space.

Optimizing storage space in a small kitchen

In order to save space and to fit out a small kitchen as well as possible, we’re going to bet on high cupboards. Here too, 3 different modules can be installed, if possible with a drawer for storing cutlery. We don’t hesitate to use specific layouts that will save a little space, such as shelves, sliding baskets and other drawers that allow storage even in the far corners of the cupboards. As for the credenza, it allows you to multiply the baskets for cutlery, spice pots and utensils.

To keep a small dining area, a folding table can be provided, fixed to the wall, with a tray that folds down to free up space when not in use. Similarly, folding chairs will be the allies of small spaces, as well as stools that slide easily under a table without taking up space.