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Kitchen island installation


Kitchen island installation

More and more Quebecers are deciding to add a kitchen island. It adds a lot of cachet to the room in addition to providing additional work and storage space. Treat yourself to a more functional kitchen with a kitchen island.

The central island of a kitchen has many useful functions for your whole family. You’ll be able to eat a “quick” meal, have a drink in good company and have more work and storage space. What more could you ask for? These four functions should have already convinced you to install a kitchen island.

To make sure your island is the right fit for your kitchen, choose an optimal location. The size of the island should, of course, be adapted to the size of the kitchen. Opt for materials that fit your budget, but also the style of your home and the kitchen décor.

Multiple functionalities

The kitchen island is a gathering place for your whole family. You will be able to take your meals there for those days when you are in a hurry. Your guests will be able to sit and chat while the meal is being prepared. The kitchen island will also serve as a workspace where you can install electrical outlets.

Running out of storage space in your refrigerator? It’s even possible to add refrigerated drawers to your island. Your main sink or a secondary sink could be installed on your island to maximize your kitchen even more. There are really no limits to what you can do with your kitchen island. You can insert a pantry or even your dishwasher. The storage possibilities are numerous. It’s a matter of choosing the ones that are adapted to the functions of your new installation.

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The location of the kitchen island

The location of your kitchen island is very important to ensure optimal functionality. The oven, refrigerator and sink should form a triangle for better ergonomics of space. Around the kitchen island, it is important to have a minimum of 36 inches. This will allow everyone to move around easily and to be able to open the appliance doors without damage.

Depending on the space available, you can install a central island or a “semi-island” island. The first is located in the centre of the kitchen and the second is positioned near a wall.

What shape and style?

The kitchen island will become the central element of your room. It is important to highlight it, while respecting the style of your kitchen. The kitchen island can stand out from the rest of the kitchen by harmonizing perfectly with the decor of the room. For smaller kitchens, an island on casters is an option. It will be easy to move around and won’t take up too much space.

To ventilate the room, it’s a good idea to insert shelves on the front of the island, for example. You will be able to display beautiful objects or your most beautiful crockery. The shape of your island depends on your preferences. It is simply a matter of respecting the available surface area. Whether you choose a rectangle or oval shape, your island will match the style of your kitchen very well.

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The choice of materials

The choice of materials obviously depends on your budget and your tastes. It is possible to buy a beautiful kitchen island at a fraction of the price. The possibilities are endless! You can buy an island in a store, make it yourself or have it made by a kitchen specialist or cabinetmaker.

All materials available on the market can be used in the fabrication of a kitchen island: laminate, barn wood, marble, ceramic, granite and much more. Just be sure to respect the style of your kitchen.

In summary

The kitchen island has become a must-have in Quebec kitchens thanks to its unequalled functionality. This addition is a great way to offer more work surface and more storage space. A kitchen island allows you to get closer to your guests and enjoy a quick meal.

When installing a kitchen island, it is important to have a distance of 36 inches around it. This allows for better circulation in the room. The style, shape and choice of materials for your island will depend on your tastes and your budget for this project. However, it is important that the island harmonizes with the style and décor of your room.

Would you like to have your kitchen island made by a cabinetmaker? This wood craftsman will make custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets and furniture according to your preferences and budget. You have in your possession a unique creation, made for you.