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How high is a kitchen cabinet?


How high is a kitchen cabinet?

You have decided to redo your kitchen and you don’t want to be mistaken about any detail, especially not the height of the furniture, which will ensure comfort in daily use. For a guaranteed choice with no mistakes, follow the guide!

Base units

Before installing your new kitchen, you will already have to think about the height of the base units. Obviously, you will have to bear in mind that the measurements will be adapted to the average height of the adults in the family, to reach a height generally between 90 and 95 cm, including the thickness of the worktop. Studies have also shown that a worktop height of around 91-92 cm is suitable for 80% of kitchen users.

If you have a central island in your room, you can vary its height depending on its use and your size. Thus, if it is used as a worktop, you will remain within the standard heights mentioned above, but if your central island accommodates a hob, it will then be advisable to reduce this height by about ten centimetres. If a sink is installed, the height of the island should be raised slightly for better comfort when washing dishes, for example.

Would you like to install a bar area in your kitchen? Then you will need to add between 20 and 30 cm to the standard height of the base units so that the shelf reaches a height of around 1.20 metres, ideal for leaning on or attaching bar chairs.

For the oven, it is recommended to place it, if possible, in a kitchen column, with the lower part at the same height as the worktop, for optimum ergonomics. You won’t have to bend down to reach it – a real luxury! The microwave can then be recessed just above it so that it is at eye level.

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Wall units

Once the lower part has been installed, keep in mind that the credenza area must be between 55 and 60 cm to obtain easy access to the tall units while maintaining a certain amount of clearance.

If a column has been installed, you will have to take into account its height to determine the positioning of the tall units in your kitchen. Thus, the height of the base units with the included worktop, added to the credenza area and the height of the wall units must correspond to the height of the column, so that everything is aligned in your room and therefore perfectly aesthetic.

For the hood, an average height of 70 cm above the worktop is recommended, knowing that this will depend on your hob: if it is a gas cooker, you will have to slightly raise your hood for more efficiency.