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Kitchen Decorating: 25 trends for inspiration


Kitchen Decorating: 25 trends for inspiration


From the floor to the faucet and accessories, a few tricks can add a touch of style and warmth to this room that you want to be functional and user-friendly.

When it comes to kitchen design, trends come and go. Gone are the patinated wood cabinets, computer corners or barn wood that everyone was crazy about just a few years ago. These have given way to the minimalist style, the island, smooth white cabinets.

Trends being volatile, how do you create a pleasant space that will age well? First of all, we rely on a sober base and wise lines,” says experienced chef Yvan Ferron. That way, there is less risk of making mistakes. White, black and natural wood make fun of fashions. Then you can inject style and personality into this neutral shell with elements that are easier to change: taps, handcrafted objects, plants or touches of colour in unexpected places.

1 – Precious metals

Extra-wide handles make it easy to open the drawers. Their golden colour adds a touch of elegance.

2 – Smart storage

The space above the refrigerator has been used to its full potential and now accommodates bottle racks. Their diagonal positioning brings originality while maximizing an often lost space.

3 – Two-tone tap

The restaurant-style faucet combines matte black and a gold finish, two current hues according to Yvan Ferron. If you get tired of it after a few years, you can easily change it.

4 – Zero demarcation

The sink recessed into the countertop makes maintenance easier. It’s deep, for large pots and pans, and square, for a modern look.

5 – Mini or maxi

A mosaic composed of tiny tiles in a white, beige and grey palette adds a subtle texture. Also popular in 2020: backsplashes covered with large tiles of the same material (terrazzo, marble) as the countertop.

6 – New style hood

We forget about the stainless steel hood, often installed above the island. The trend is towards discreet recessed models, placed under a metal or wood cladding painted in the same shade as the cabinets. A minimalist, homogeneous and inexpensive look.

7 – Sewing detail

A thick line of black paint cuts the space between the cabinets and the ceiling, replacing the usual mouldings and evoking the piping of a Chanel suit. Simple, but chic!

8 – Transparency

The simple glass globe lamps – a designer’s must-have – remain winning classics.

9 – Smooth cabinets

Zero handles, no moulding or visible hardware… Wall cabinets blend in with the walls and contribute to a more comfortable environment.

to create an airy space.

10 – Slimmed counters

The new countertop profile is delicate – about five centimetres thick – and has straight corners.

11 – Cabinets, oust!

A quick way to reinvent the kitchen? We replace a few wall modules with shelves, where you can store your essentials and favourites.

12 – Handcrafted details

Polished finishes – in brushed brass, copper or bronze – are gaining popularity, while matte black continues to be the rage. Depending on the style of the kitchen, wide, smooth handles, hammered or textured designs are available. New handles instantly refresh an old-fashioned kitchen. They can breathe new life into the décor,” says Maude Coudé, designer for Renard Flare. I like the simple little knobs, the vintage ceramic models or the tone on tone, for example black handles on black drawers.”

13 – White and pure

White appliances are back. Unlike stainless steel appliances, they don’t break through a wall of white cabinets,” says Maude Coudé. The overall effect is more fluid. In addition to white, there are more black and coloured appliances in stores today. You can also opt for appliances covered with decorative panels made of the same material as the kitchen cabinets, for a very discreet look.

14 – Large-scale parquet flooring

Wood is taking over the kitchen. “It’s a good choice in open spaces, where you don’t want there to be a break between the kitchen and other living spaces,” says Yvan Ferron. Parquet floors with geometric patterns add a lot of character to the decor.

15 – Aligned tiles

Metro tiles installed in vertical columns, instead of the traditional offset pattern, give a contemporary look to the backsplash, especially when you dare to use relief and colour, like this duck blue.

16 – Net investment

De-cluttering counters always works wonders! “We clear out and then accessorize with a few beautiful objects to make the kitchen inviting,” suggests Maude Coudé.

17 – Beautiful skin

Cognac leather stools warm the palette of this kitchen. We like their upholstered backrest, an accomplice to comfort. Other stylish options: velvet, rattan, tweed.

18 – Black at the counter

The island stands out thanks to its black quartz countertop with side drops. Be careful though: black lets you see the slightest crumb – avoid it if you want to minimize cleaning! For a more modest budget, you can opt for local wood or quality laminate imitating polished marble.

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19 – Bar station

In a corner between the kitchen and the dining room, a coffee and drink corner has everything you need to make a good latte or gin and tonic. Open cupboards contain bottles and glassware.

20 – Colour of the hour: olive

The range of blues and greens is still very present this year. Forest green and olive green exude a beautiful sobriety,” says Maude Coudé. These are shades that won’t go out of fashion too quickly and can harmonize with a modern or bohemian universe. In order to create an enveloping atmosphere, the designer suggests combining them with other colours or dark materials.

21 – Ceiling lights with personality

Here, a row of four gilded metal lamps replace the suspensions above the island in a condo, leaving the view unobstructed. For me, the quality of the luminaires is essential,” says designer Maude Coudé. You have to take the time to choose them carefully, because they will set the style of the kitchen.”

22 – Colourfulness

Instead of painting a section of wall or all the cupboards, we have fun adding a touch of colour here and there: the pantry, the inside of a glass sideboard, the basement door, the antique chest of drawers where the table linen is stored… These daring touches of colour will intervene like so many joyful notes. “Painting is inexpensive and gives magnificent results,” observes Maude Coudé.

23 – Accent light

Decorative lighting is becoming more and more popular. It sets the mood and suggests different atmospheres depending on the time of day. In addition to the hanging lights, the shelves, the kicker, the backsplash are illuminated with ribbons of light.

24 – Trompe-l’oeil carpet

One succumbs to Moroccan motifs, without making a long-term commitment, by decorating the kitchen with a vinyl rug. The new generation of waterproof and stain-resistant carpets is ideal for adding a touch of originality to your decor. And because they are easy to clean, these rugs are perfect for pet owners.

25 – Freshness

Plants bring life to any room in the house. Succulents or cacti are very pretty in the kitchen,” says Maude Coudé. You can also arrange the plants to fall back on the shelves.”