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List of 10 Must Have Kitchen Tools


List of 10 Must Have Kitchen Tools

Becoming a good cook requires determination, desire, and above all having the minimum necessary equipment, in terms of cooking tools.

Indeed, cooking is an art that requires a lot of practice, methodology, but above all will. Considered by many to be a woman’s profession, one cannot help but notice that the majority of world-renowned chefs are mostly gentlemen who live their passion. Thus, cooking is not a question of gender, but of passion.

A cooking tool for action

In the kitchen, it is important to know that an action is always associated with a utensil. Having all the kitchen utensils available is theoretically a good thing. In fact, you have all the tools you need to perform all tasks. However, in practice, most of these utensils will never be of any use to you. So what can you do?

10 essential utensils

For an apprentice cook, it is imperative to have the following 10 utensils in your kitchen for it to be functional:

    The saucepan

Is it really possible to find a kitchen that doesn’t have at least one pan? The saucepan is undoubtedly one of the utensils that will be used most often.

    The knife

Indispensable for cutting meat, the knife also allows you to shear chives, chop onions … Just like the pan, it is just inadmissible to have a kitchen without a knife.

The knife must always be sharp to be more efficient. However, its use requires great care, as it can easily cause injury.

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    The Maryse

The Maryse or wooden spoon will be used to check the cooking of your dishes, to turn your preparations and above all, to prevent them from sticking to the sides of the pan.

It is interesting to note that the Maryse can very well replace a whisk. However, the reverse is not possible: a whisk will never replace a Maryse.

    The Scale

The scale is not strictly speaking an indispensable utensil. It can be replaced by various tricks and tips. However, having a scale, especially when preparing a pastry, will make your task much easier.

    The rolling pin

Still in the bakery, the rolling pin is undoubtedly an indispensable utensil. You can choose between the American rolling pin and the French rolling pin. The two differ by the presence or absence of a handle.

    The ladle

A ladle is used to pour the liquid from the pan into the bowl in which it will be served. In addition, it allows to recover the solid elements in the preparation.

    The skimmer

A large spoon with several holes for water to pass through, the skimmer allows only the solids in the pan to be collected.

    The cutting board

The cutting board makes it easy to cut meat on a specially made support.

    The grater

It will be difficult for you to find a substitute for the grater. Whether it is for cheese, vegetables or for finely chopping, it has no equal.

    The bursar

The peeling of vegetables saves a lot of time.