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Cost-effective solutions for modifying your kitchen cabinets


Cost-effective solutions for modifying your kitchen cabinets

The kitchen is the costliest room to renovate. Know that it is possible to carry out renovations at a low cost and obtain a final result that is just as aesthetically pleasing. The kitchen cabinets are the focal point of this room. Discover simple ways to modify your kitchen cabinets at a low cost.

Is your kitchen old-fashioned and in need of a little freshening up? Renovating a kitchen requires a lot of materials and professional labour. How about modifying your kitchen cabinets at a low cost? You could save on the total cost of renovations while still getting unique and stylish cabinets. A simple coat of paint or mouldings can make all the difference.

There are many affordable ways to modify your kitchen cabinets. Just be creative and trust yourself. Discover some of these methods that will allow you to give new life to this key piece of the house.

Vinyl siding

This self-adhesive vinyl film is a very economical and interesting choice. Offered in many colors and textures, this product will give a whole new look to your kitchen. Also called “cabinet resurfacing”, vinyl siding installation is easy to do and easy to maintain. You can resurface your kitchen cabinets starting at $549: a real bargain! This film can be installed on smooth surfaces such as melamine. With the addition of new handles, you will have a brand new kitchen!

kitchen cabinets at a low cost.

Installing windows

You can also add glass to your existing cabinet doors. This addition will allow you to air out the space and showcase your best dishes. If you wish to hide the inside of your cabinets, opt for frosted glass. For a more rustic look, insert beautiful mouldings behind the glass. Let your imagination run wild! Put wallpaper in the bottom of your cabinets to complete your decor. Your cabinets will no longer be the same and neither will your kitchen.

Installing mouldings

It is a very simple procedure requiring very little material. All you have to do is buy mouldings of the desired size. Mouldings may seem trivial, but they can really change the look of your kitchen cabinets. After nailing the mouldings to your cabinets, stain or paint them; your cabinets will get a second chance at a very low cost.

Closing the top of the cabinets

This method is a little more laborious and requires renovation know-how. Adding cabinets to the top of your cupboards will give a nice height to your kitchen. Simply close the top of the cabinets with MDF panels, finish with mouldings and paint everything the same colour as your cabinets. And that’s it! Cabinets give cachet and a more sophisticated look to a kitchen.

Painting the cabinets

This is the simplest and least expensive method: painting your kitchen cabinets. A simple coat of paint can give all the rooms in your home a new lease of life. Wooden and even melamine cabinets can be painted without any problem. Buy a paint in the desired colour and corresponding to the type of material of your cabinets.

Allow yourself to be daring! The current trend is to paint the top cupboards in one colour and the bottom cupboards in another colour. You will see, the end result can be very impressive. Add new handles and your cabinets will be as good as new!

Changing the doors

A cook or a cabinetmaker can offer you this service allowing you to keep your cabinet boxes. If they are in good condition, the cook or cabinetmaker can design new cabinet doors. In fact, it is the doors and handles that give character to your kitchen cabinets. New doors allow you to give a whole new character to your room. By changing them, you will save a lot of money and give your kitchen a new look.

In summary

Kitchen renovations can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Why not save money by restoring your cabinets at a low cost? There are several economical methods to revamp your kitchen cabinets. Vinyl siding sticks easily to smooth cabinets and is available in a variety of colours and textures. Adding glass, mouldings or cabinets to the top of your cabinets will add a lot of cachet to your kitchen. Painting your kitchen cabinets remains the simplest and most economical way to restore them. A coat of paint and new handles will give you new, modern kitchen cabinets. A cabinetmaker or a kitchen specialist can also offer to change your cabinet doors. This way, you keep your cabinets and save on the total cost of the bill.

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