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5 decorating ideas for storing your dishes


5 decorating ideas for storing your dishes


Because it can also be a decorative asset, here are 5 ideas for storing your dishes differently and displaying them in style to reinforce the personality of the room.

More and more, crockery is a real decorative highlight. They are so pretty that you don’t want to hide them anymore. With a zest of imagination and furniture to be diverted from their primary use, you can arrange your dishes with style and brio. The proof is in the pudding.

1. Displaying your dishes on a dresser

We’re not playing hide-and-seek anymore. By displaying your crockery in this way, you showcase both the chosen piece of furniture, simple and pure, and the crockery, matching or mismatched. By opting for a simple and open buffet, you are obliged to tidy up without looking like one. You create straight piles, you choose pretty pots to place cutlery and utensils, you accumulate boxes and baskets for the smallest items of crockery and, above all, you sort! Leaving your dishes out in the open forces you to keep only the essentials. As a bonus, we respect a golden rule in decoration: less is more.

2. Dishes to decorate the dining room wall

After all, the dining room is where you entertain, so that’s where the dishes have their most functional place. Beautifully arranged on shelves that cover an entire section of wall, the dishes become a true work of art and match the decoration of the room. It is carefully chosen, in the same tones as the tablecloth, cushions and carpet, for a pure and completely controlled decoration. If you’re a fan of the antique style, you’ll take responsibility for your mismatched crockery! Above all, you don’t hide anything.

3. Hijacking a china cabinet like a pantry

We take over the old-fashioned charm of the pantry, with its windows behind which we can stack all our dishes – and it’s even better if it’s china! – while keeping the practical aspect of the china cabinet, with dimensions designed to accommodate all types of dishes. You can even do it yourself by swapping the windows for a tight grid. The result: a china cabinet that will make our grandmothers green with envy!

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4. Displaying your dishes like books in a library

The dishes pile up and accumulate, like beautiful books, on the shelves of a library. Whether you put it in the kitchen, dining room or – why not – in the living room, the library has all the qualities required to accommodate our most beautiful dishes. Its practical, open shelves provide easy access to the crockery you need every day. For cutlery, we opt for boxes and baskets, or we add a few drawers on a modular bookcase. And since we’ve opted for a bookcase, there’s of course room for our best recipe books!

5. Storing dishes in a secretary

We continue to break the codes by opting for a piece of furniture that we love, but which we no longer really have any use for, at a time when letters are sent electronically… The secretary, with its secret drawers and nooks and crannies, has everything we need to accommodate our best dishes. And for the items we like least, there are the closed parts of the secretary. Ideal for small spaces, the secretary can also be used as a dining area in a small kitchen.