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How to choose your dishes for daily use?


 Fork strokes galore, long stays in the water, countless times in the microwave… Your everyday dishes will be in full swing between breakfast and dinner! Our tips for choosing the one that will stand up to all the tests.

Whether you’re moving into your first apartment or you want to start from scratch with a full service, one thing is certain: you want dishes that can go with you every day, without any hassle. That’s why we set aside the beautiful plates inherited from grandparents or found at the flea market downstairs – reserve them for special occasions to avoid the stress of damaging them day after day – and follow these few leads before going shopping.

Easy-care dishes

Because we spend almost as much time cleaning dishes as we do eating in them, the main criterion to consider before looking for the ideal service will be ease of maintenance. For plates that are used at every meal, you will absolutely want to be able to put them in the dishwasher without question or use the scraper for stubborn residues without fear of damaging them.

Easy to use dishes

The second thing to check before you buy: the compatibility with the microwave if you have one. A symbol will indicate this on the box and sometimes even directly on the bottom of the plate or bowl. In case of doubt, avoid heating dishes with gold or metal in them in any case, as this could cause an explosion in the cavity.

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Also beware of melamine dishes, which are also not microwave-safe and would not be ideal for hot food – studies have shown that melamine transfers occur on food when it is hot.

And to make your life easier, choose a service with standard shaped items that are easy to stack and don’t take up too much space in your cupboards. There’s no need to worry about too many pieces, since this is not the service you’ll be using for your festive meals, but buy enough of them to ensure a smooth turnover.

Solid dishes

Your dinner service will also need to be particularly resistant to shocks and scratches, for a long life. Contrary to popular belief, porcelain will prove to be particularly strong, and recent models are most often dishwasher and microwave compatible. Another material from the ceramics family is stoneware, which is making a successful comeback on our tables thanks to a natural look that is becoming increasingly popular. As for earthenware, it will be more fragile but will be able to seduce by its softer price. You will thus have less trouble replacing broken or chipped elements.