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How to choose a Ceramics Countertop


How to choose a Ceramics Countertop

10 reasons why a ceramic countertop will make you appreciate your kitchen more than anything else!

1. An abundant choice.

Ceramic countertops offer a lot of possibilities! Indeed, by choosing this type of countertop, you will have the choice between hundreds of ceramic tiles to decorate it. Of all colors and shapes, there is something for every taste! You will undoubtedly find the perfect ceramic tile.

2. A customizable design.

Since you can choose your own ceramic tiles, the design of your countertop is entirely up to you! Square, rectangular, round, hexagonal, large, small, coloured, plain or patterned, it’s up to you to choose your ideal tiles. Moreover, depending on your installation, the rendering can also be different. You can even mix and match, in short, anything is possible with ceramic countertops!

3. Practical and aesthetic borders.

With Schluter edgings, your countertop finishes will be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. The profiles are made to accommodate the tile, which eliminates the need for additional finishing pieces. You’ll find them in several different finishes so you can match them to your ceramic tile as closely as possible.

4. Use innovative products.

Many installation surfaces are not suitable for tiled floors or for areas that are damp or in regular contact with water, such as a kitchen countertop.

Therefore, use innovative new products such as Schluter KERDI-BOARD, which is a tile substrate and a multifunctional waterproof construction panel. The latter will allow you to easily assemble your ceramic countertop because it sticks directly to the cabinets, and being waterproof, dimensionally stable and flat, you will not need to prepare the surface to receive the tiles for a long time.

5. Simple and effective maintenance.

Soapy water is generally sufficient to take care of your ceramic countertop on a daily basis. For more stubborn stains, use appropriate products depending on the type of dirt to be cleaned and the nature of your tiles. You will find all the specific products you need at La Tuilerie. Otherwise, ceramic tiles have the particularity of being stain-proof because it is not a porous material and therefore no dirt can get inside.

6. A strong resistance.

With Schluter KERDI-BOARD, your ceramic countertop will be ultra resistant. It will be impact resistant, rigid, watertight, insulating, and dimensionally stable. What’s more, ceramic is known to be scratch-resistant! You can therefore easily slide your dishes, pots and pans on your countertop, you risk nothing! Unlike melamine or arborite countertops, which can be scratched.

7. High temperatures will no longer be a problem.

No need for coasters, your ceramic countertop will be able to withstand a hot, even burning, dish. This is because ceramic is heat resistant and Schluter KERDI-BOARD panels are insensitive to temperature changes.

8. Quick and easy installation.

Unlike granite, marble, or quartz countertops, which require large chunks and labor to install, ceramic is much more manageable due to its size and weight. Schluter KERDI-BOARD panels are also lightweight and easy to transport. With all this, you don’t even have to hire someone to install your ceramic countertop.

You can do it yourself because the installation requires no tools or products different from those used to make a ceramic floor. Finally, your tiles will be just as easy to install because the substrate is flat, level, straight and square.

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9. A grout with multiple qualities.

Using an epoxy grout is highly recommended for a ceramic kitchen countertop because its antibacterial composition is ideal for hygienic purposes. It fights mould and fungus, and resists corrosive aggression from food. In addition, it facilitates surface maintenance and offers superior impermeability to conventional products. Proma’s epoxy grout will allow you to make small joints (1/32 or 1/16), which is recommended for countertops for aesthetic reasons. For this, choose rectified tiles. Also, to see as few joints as possible, you can choose large ceramic tiles such as 24 x 48.

10. More than interesting prices.

Finally, ceramic countertops are very affordable and above all very interesting in terms of quality/price ratio compared to granite, quartz etc… Ceramic is indeed a much less expensive material than natural stone, which in addition, must be cut to size.